Another win! Thanks Otter Coop

It was an excellent weekend of BBQ at Well Seasoned and as we draw the shades on this year’s BBQ *Off* the Bypass 10 presented by C&D Logistics, we look back at the weekend with real fondness. We were so happy to work with TinyKittens are our charity this year and were so proud of all the donations that our attendees and vendors raised for the cause.

We wanted to do a special shout out for Otter Coop for really committing to #donutsforkittens and going above and beyond.

Long story short – we (BOTB team) screwed up the electrical requirements for the Otter Coop mini donut machine but we didn’t find out until Sunday morning that there was a problem. Mike, the Otter manager went into plan-B mode and sent the fryer back to the coop. He then arranged a donut shuttle system. Fresh, hot donuts were sent to the site every hour all day long. Otter raised $625 selling mini donuts and ALL of it goes to TinyKittens.

Now that’s commitment. High five Otter Coop!
We’re still tallying the total donation number, so check back soon for another update.

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