The 11th annual BBQ *Off* the Bypass will take place on Sunday, September 11th from 10 am – 4 pm at #117-20353-64 Avenue, Langley

The event is FREE to the public with live music, interesting displays, tasty vendors and delicious BBQ samples. Mark your calendar and join us this September for our 10th anniversary event!

BBQ *Off* the Bypass is a popular barbecue competition known for its big crowds, great entertainment, and finger licking barbecue samples! Every year, the event attracts the best of the best competitive BBQ teams from throughout North America for a sizzling competition and the battle of the BBQs in five meat categories of chicken, brisket, ribs, pork butt and an “anything but”/open choice category. Teams with the most points in each category can win trophies and cash prizes.

A Prize Worth Celebrating

The winner with the most points in all categories wins the Grand Championship and up to $5,000. The BBQ *Off* the Bypass is also  a qualifying event for the Jack Daniels World BBQ Championship in Tennessee and The American Royal BBQ in Kansas City. As well, points earned at the BBQ *Off* the Bypass are added to Team of the Year points with the Canadian BBQ Society.

The BBQ *Off* the Bypass is also the site of the Great BC Bake Off, an annual amateur pie baking competition, open to the public.

More info coming soon: last year we added a Blackbox Challenge and a People’s Choice category! Check back to more details, coming soon!

The History of BOTB (both on and off the Bypass)

The BBQ *Off* the Bypass is hosted and organized by the staff at Well Seasoned gourmet food store and cooking school in Langley. Owner, Angie Quaale, was introduced to competitive barbequing in 2004 when she met BBQ evangelist and Canadian BBQ Champion Rockin’ Ronnie Shewchuk. Angie figured the best way to join the quest for the ultimate BBQ was to host a competition. In 2005 she invited teams to Langley, B.C. from all over the Pacific Northwest and, as a result, the BBQ On the Bypass was born.

In 2008, BOTB played host to the finals of the first BC BBQ championships. Teams that have competed in all qualifier barbeque events had a chance at winning the cup. Those events took place in Whistler, Trail, Kelowna and Squamish. The winning team would have the highest combined score at all events.

In 2014, Well Seasoned relocated to 64th Avenue in Langley in an expanded space. Since the event was no longer ON the bypass, a quick rebranding and name change evolved the event into BBQ OFF the Bypass!

A bit about BBQ: BBQ is NOT grilling!!

There is a very distinct difference between the two. Just ask anyone that knows BBQ and they will tell you all about it !!

Southern style BBQ is a technique in which meat is cooked at low temperatures (about 225 F) for a long time over indirect heat. The heat source is charcoal and wood. No gas/propane is allowed. The BBQ *Off* the Bypass competition consists of four main categories: Beef Brisket, Sausage, Chicken, and Pork Ribs. Brisket is cooked for 12 – 16 hours. Ribs take aprox. 6 hours & chicken aprox. 4 hours.

Need BBQ Supplies and Advice?

Well Seasoned is a one of a kind shopping destination and cooking school for Fraser Valley food lovers. The store features regular celebrity chefs, cooking demonstrations, gourmet local food products and specialty items from all over the world. The cooking school hosts regular barbeque cooking classes in addition to a wide range of other culinary classes. For more information visit www.wellseasoned.ca.

For online orders, head over to our BBQ partners: www.canadaq.ca.