2016 Confirmed Teams

    • Buzz Saw BBQ, Washington
    • Dances With Smoke Barbeque, Washington
    • Wibs N Fixuns, Washington
    • Hog SHACK, BC
    • Pigs N Heat, BC
    • Stacked Racks, BC
    • Barking Boys BBQ, BC
    • Rustys BBQ, BC
    • Porkaholics, Georgia
    • Smella Q
  • Fat Wally’s Firehouse BBQ, BC
  • The Braai-Q, BC
  • House of Q, BC
  • Rocky Mountain Smokers, BC
  • MAK Daddies, BC
  • Helluva Q, BC
  • Bush Kitchen, Washington
  • The Smokin Grill Next Door, BC

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